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Jun 15 '12

Cashmere Mafia (all)

Re-watch. I adore this show, and I hate that it fell victim to the Writers’ Guild Strike. It deserved so much better.

What I love about it (or at least one of the things) is that it’s a post-Sex and the City show, but it’s really NOT Sex and the City at all. None of the characters on Cashmere map to the ones on SATC. They are strong and distinct women, and they make sense together.

Lucy Liu is great, as always. Miranda Otto is exceptional. (Totally forgot she was in Lord of the Rings!) Frances O’Connor (who I knew only from Mansfield Park, which I only half-watched) captivated me. And Bonnie Somerville impressed me with her portrayal of a nervous maybe-lesbian (hehe).

Of note: These characters actually WORK. And their careers play a big role in their lives and in the episodes. That is so, SO refreshing. (And interesting. And compelling.) We get to see these smart, sexy women DOING their jobs, and we can respect them for it. Why is there not more of that on television?

Sidebar: Davis, though a total douche, is really hot.

Since I’m watching Lipstick Jungle now, and I’m a big Sex and the City fan, I’ll probably refer back to Cashmere Mafia on occasion.

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